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About Us

We aim to provide quality education in the ideal environment, surrounded by greenery and historical places, and to create a next-generation leader with high ideals and humanity. Combining both homely warmth and strict discipline in our school community, brings about a mutual respect relationship with teachers while enhancing students’ character developments.

Our education system focuses on individual capability and improves fundamental skills by individualized instruction. This method helps to develop a sense of self-achievement. We believe in Quality education for all in a secure and caring environment. 

Success for all students is ensured by the delivery of an enriching and structured curriculum and a whole school focus on student welfare that focuses on the positive recognition of student achievements.

All students are taught the skills and values necessary for success in education, life and work. They leave our school as literate, numerate, well educated, responsible citizens who have the capability, confidence and independence to make a positive contribution to our society.

Our entire staff works very hard to create a positive environment where every person’s unique strengths and talents are celebrated.  We have a culture of high expectations for students and staff alike and it is our sincere goal that each and every one of our students educates himself/herself with a plan for the future and with the skills necessary to be successful in anything they do. The combination of focusing on our students’ academic success as well as their social and emotional well-being creates an environment where our students do amazing things every year.

We are proud of all of the academic opportunities we offer our students, with strong core academic programs as well as outstanding elective programs. We offer Achievement via Individual Determination program and numerous academic opportunities for students to pursue their goals. 

In addition to this, our school values of LIFE  (Learning, Integrity, Fellowship, Excellence) underpin the balanced and caring education we offer to our students.

Students at our school enjoy all the advantages associated with attending a large secondary school - a diverse range of educational opportunities; access to all our dedicated and well-qualified teachers; a fully inclusive and welcoming learning environment - as well as benefitting from the personalised learning that occurs in all classes and across the entire school.


1. Accelerate and maximise the effective and economical use of resources with devotion, concern, and care for the benefits of students and society.
2. Use every resource-physical, capital, and human-in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible to construct an ideal model of 'total educational development’.
3. Devoted Faculty and Staff Well-qualified and dedicated teaching faculty, as well as experienced non-teaching and support staff, are all dedicated to serving students with fervour and passion.
4. Commitment, concern, and consideration - Three main organisational values of the region's historical institution for providing better and improved opportunities for students and society's growth.


1. To be the region's top educational institution, with a complete development-centric strategy, a focus on stakeholders' holistic growth, and a sense of social responsibility.
2. To be the undisputed regional education leader and a key player in value-based education, excelling in all areas.
3. Academic, physical, and mental improvement of students are prioritised, with a focus on personality development and potential development.
4. Value creation through a holistic growth approach that fosters youth for overall development while paying special attention to impoverished and minority populations.
5. Delivering high-quality education and training future responsible citizens to benefit society.

Principal's Message

It is my privilege that I got an opportunity to serve as the principal in this prestigious college. In the history of 137 years this college has given hundreds of Bureaucrats, Doctors, Engineers, Politicians and Social Activist to this country who are serving the country by doing excellent work in their respective fields. As the principal of this college it will be my endeavour that the college sets new benchmarks of achievements. Students studying in the college should get such education that along with success in examination they can also successfully solve various challenges that may arise in future in their life and make the name of the college and the country proud. Best wishes for the new academic session 2022-23 to all students and college family.

यह मेरा सौभाग्य है कि मुझे इस प्रतिष्ठित संस्था में प्रधानाचार्य के रूप में सेवा करने का अवसर मिला।अपने 137 वर्ष के इतिहास में इस विद्यालय ने  सैकड़ों प्रशासक,डॉक्टर इंजीनियर, राजनीतिज्ञ व समाजसेवी इस देश को दिए हैं जो अपने अपने क्षेत्रों में कुशलता पूर्वक कार्य करके देश की सेवा कर रहे हैं।विद्यालय के प्रधानाचार्य के रूप में मेरा यह प्रयास रहेगा कि विद्यालय उपलब्धियों के नए प्रतिमान स्थापित करें।विद्यालय में अध्ययन कर रहे छात्रों को ऐसी शिक्षा प्राप्त हो कि वह परीक्षाओं में सफलता के साथ साथ अपने जीवन में भविष्य में उत्पन्न होने वाली विभिन्न चुनौतियों का भी सफलतापूर्वक समाधान कर सकें तथा इस विद्यालय, समाज एवं देश का नाम गौरवान्वित करते रहें। सभी विद्यार्थियों एवं विद्यालय परिवार को नवीन शैक्षिक सत्र 2022-23 की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।