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Smt Mithlesh Kumari Inter-Collage Badshah Nagar Kalan, is focused on results - on achieving them, measuring them, and learning from them to provide the best possible educational experience. While most schools judge their performance primarily by gauging "inputs" - for example, the amount of resources per student - the School is actually held accountable for outcomes. We help all students set tangible goals in several areas from academic achievement to environmental awareness and we track their progress frequently, using a clear and comprehensive system of standards that reveal both the depth and rate of learning. These crucial evaluations keep expectations high and deliver superior result. using a clear and comprehensive system of standards that reveal both the depth and rate of learning. These crucial evaluations.


Our Mission is to continuous improving teaching –learning process, including co-curricular activities and sports, by providing value based education to students so that they grow into aesthetically rich and intellectually aware integrated young people with the strength of good character and spirit of enterprise, shaping into proper being and global citizens. Improving  social attendance performance with emphasis on punctuality, regularity and adherence to dress code. Key word being overall discipline.

  • Develop young men & women with active and creative minds. 
  • Develop a sense of understanding and compassion for others
  • Develop individuals to be lifelong learners and problem solvers.

Organizing advocacy groups with school members, student parents, in fact members from all the walks of life, to help the community evolve and emerge in all the spheres/ areas. Instilling in the students a sense of responsibility towards family, the community, the country and the world by acquiring a global outlook.


Our objective is to provide a nurturing ground where there is a holistic unfolding of the personality and towards this end, we are striving to develop our school into a truly global campus that lays the foundation to develop a strong knowledge base in a healthy socio-cultural environment that will enable students to imbibe a positive but critical approach to problem solving, global thinking and empower them to became leaders and global citizens of tomorrow.

Principal's Message

SMT MITHLESH KUMARI INTER-COLLAGE BADSHAH NAGAR KALAN, SHAHJAHANPUR is a symbol of progressive and quality education. Our motto, "We build the citizens of tomorrow" captures the essence of our spirit. In our school, children will gain an all-round education and achieve their potential not just in the academic field but also in the field of sports and creative arts: Our school is scaling new heights with excellent and reputed professionals training our

children in a range of co-curricular activities like football, basketball, cricket, badminton skating

and many more indoor and outdoor games.

Most importantly, at the school, we are a team of dedicated teachers and staff. committed to the welfare of the children in our care. For us teaching is a passion and a calling. The importance of instilling good values in our students is our prime objective, So we try to hone the talents of our children in a manner that they reach up to their optimal potential.

In the process they acquire skills necessary to build as well-rounded a personality as possible. We are fortunate to enlist a team of committed and passionate teachers who nurture our students on this path.

We encourage questioning as we want them to be agile in their thinking. We stoke their spirit of discovery and enquiry. As Einstein remarked-Education is not so much the feeding of facts into the mind as the awakening of curiosity in the soul. We want our students to be lifelong learners.

Our aim, importantly, is to make education a fun-filled, enjoyable, learning and growing experience on the solid foundation of values. We believe it is important to create an environment where students look eagerly forward to come to school. We want them to have fond memories of their time spent with us, long after they have left the portals of the school.

Mr. Rajiv Kumar.

BA, B.Ed.