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Website Maintenace

WebStock's website maintenance service is to make sure that our client site is always running well and stays within budget.

We believe that making a web site is not a onetime affair; it's a lifelong commitment...

Website is likely to change over time as much as the business it represents. Therefore, it is important to have a team at hand to manage updates efficiently and effectively. While we are building your site, we keep in mind that there needs to be room for change, and that changes should be easy to make. There are basically two routes you can go when it comes to getting your site content updated :

  • Annual Maintenance:

    Webstock can help you handle the regular maintenance involved in owning your own website. Send us your updates and we can do them for you.

  • Do it yourself:

    We also have many clients who want to be able to update certain content on their site without having to call us, and that's okay. We can set-up your site so that personal updates for general content are possible.